How Psychotherapy Changes Thoughts

The emotions and behaviors that people give in the face of the events they are experiencing are related to how they perceive the event and how it means the event. Most of the time, we think that our events determine our emotions. However, the incident itself does not affect the feelings of the person. Factors affecting emotions; how a person perceives that event, how he thinks about the event from this perception and how he interprets it in his mind. The comments in our minds determine our emotions and feelings that we feel in our body (knotting your throat, pinching your chest, feeling the chilliness, etc.) and our behavior. During the day, some short-term thoughts come and go. These appear in the mind as the bulb suddenly comes on when it presses the press button. These thoughts may sometimes be in the form of instant images (images) that pass before our eyes. Thought is fertile and has the property of growing by giving birth to each other, like an avalanche of snowball. These considerations ’are called’ Automatic Thoughts ’. Automatic thoughts are ideas that come suddenly and spontaneously, which we do not deliberately bring into our minds or logic, and consist of many negative thoughts. Though we cannot realize the thoughts or images that come and go from our mind in a short time and speed, we mostly realize the feeling that we have created. There may be negative emotions such as anxiety, fear, anxiety, panic. When our emotional state suddenly changed in a negative way, what did I think of ourselves? Or what did I imagine?

When we ask the question uğ uğ we can catch our automatic thoughts. From the moment on, to a future ending, a meaningful and continuing to understand. According to the understanding of the world, it acquires knowledge about the past, the people it is in communication with, the environment in which it lives and culture. After a while, some beliefs in their minds begin to form. In the light of the information obtained, he explores the world, the environment, the culture and the people he lives in, making sense from his own experiences and adapting to his environment and arranging these experiences in his mind. The most basic beliefs; they are shaped by their first experiences with other people. Perceptions and ideas created by the first experiences are accepted and questioned as one that is not replaced by one. These are the most basic beliefs, mental building blocks, also called thought patterns. In the next stage, we begin to develop rules and assumptions that are appropriate for our thinking patterns in our minds, and to shape our thinking patterns and mental structure. Automatic thoughts affect our emotional and behavioral reactions to events, and we are now considering our emotions and our communication with our environment. Our rules, which are accepted as a correct and accepted extension and without any interrogation, assimilate us after a while, and our life limits our lives and transforms them into nightmares.



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